The sublimated, is a variant of the lacquered. It has the same characteristics of brightness and it's available in any decor because they are made according to customer needs. It consists of a panel made of wood fibers and coated with polyester and polyurethane paints in two finishes: matte, glossy.The sublimated door undergoes an industrial process that allows the reproduction of any image on a wooden support. With improvement of technology and constant innovation is now possibile to create any type of drawing. The support is coated with a sublimation transfer through a system that creates the vacuum. After that the door is inserted in an oven with air circulation, at a temperature of 200 °C, this allows the transfer of the image from the pre-printed transfer to the element. Finally it is covered with a protective layer of transparent lacquer.




To Do

The lacquered doors because their finishing require a particularly careful maintenance in order to avoid damaging the surface. For cleaning, use non-abrasive soft cloths.

Not To Do

Don't use products containing solvents, acetone or containing abrasives as they may scratch the surface. Do not use wax-based products, alcohol or silicones, because their application may be formed halos.




Technical Informations


Support Description


Mdf, that's means Medium density fibreboard, It's an interesting material from the production method view, because don't need to cut trees to produce it. Its production materials come from branches and production scraps, that are crushed, selected and checked to eliminate big pieces or wrong elements. Through the crushing the wood's fibre become a “wood paste” and after its been mixed with thermosetting resin and placed under pressure it get good mechanical characteristics, excellent solidity, and compactness along edges that's essential to make lacquered or ennobled panels. All used panels are E1 class , which means that the resins used do not cause any health problems because the emissions of formaldehyde is very low.



Coating Description


The lacquer is a polyurethane transparent paint or coloured that dry through a solvent evaporation that produce a really strong and durable layer which could have different kind of glossiness: from super matt to extra glossy. It should be find also more effects like concrete or materic lacquered.