myD3sign offers to Companies and Brands in the Interior and Furniture Design field the opportunity to present, communicate and sell their products using groundbreaking interactive technologies. New tools and technologies to speed up and enhance communication and product visualization, but most of all to give to the customers new ways to build a more personal connection with design products.








myD3sign platform allows an innovative buying experience. The customer can configure the chosen product having always real time updated pictures and estimate of the chosen materials and finishings. The 3D Product Configurator of the platform becomes a creative tool for the customer that is now totally free to define his/her own configuration. The product configuration while being completely visible in all its parts is also reflecting on the Design Cover rapresenting the product in a stylish interior environment. In this way the customer not only can see the product and its finishings, but also how it will look in a lifelike situation. The Design Cover than becomes an even more interactive area where the user can reach informations and links regarding many of the products represented in the image via product tags. The online shopping experience becomes more engaging and creative than in a regular store.









The developed technologies for products can be transfered into physical stores thanks to Touch Monitors or transfered to brand marketers through Tools for Tablet and Mobile. Available finishings and product updates are always delivered in real time. In this way accessing to our Tools for Mobile you are always updated reducing errors and misunderstandings while facing your customers. Thanks to the Tools it is possible to bring always with you the creative and interactive experience. Communicating and selling the product becomes a rich emotional experience. The customer is directly involved in the creative process.









With the rise of WebGL technologies is it possible to transfer the emotional and interactive experience directly on the web, through your own website or on dedicated pages and links. WebGL opens up to a fast and free product visualization.



3D Web GL Demo











2016 will be remembered for being the year of Virtual Reality (VR). For the first time in history technology allows us to recreate fully immersive experiences through Head-Mounted Devices (HMD). The number of users with an HMD at their disposal is growing fast and the are always looking for new amazing content. The Architecture and Design market immediatly understood the great opportunity behind this new technology.





The creation of a Virtual Showroom enhances the custom experience in relation to design products. The immersive and interactive experience possible with Virtual Reality allows to market the product in a new meaningful way, all around the world. Is it possible to reconstruct an existing Showroom, for example from an exibition or a store, that can be than visited from everywhere in the world without time restrictions. In this way it is possible to recapitalize the investment faced for the permanent or temporary installation. Otherwise it is possible to really go further the classic, existing, Showroom and create a showroomlike experience setting new ways to experience the products. Here you can find a downloadable demo of a Loft ready for the Virtual Reality devices like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.



myd3sign interactive furniture



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High Definition 3D Visualization allows to present and communicate the product with ultra-realistic results. In this way also details of the product can be viewed in 3D with a free and interactive exploration. Following the link below it is possible to try out the potentials of this technology.





Download instructions PDF