The polymeric coating is an evolution of the laminate. Compared to the last one is still handy to use and maintenance, resistant to scratches and shocks and easy to clean. The polymeric consists of a panel covered with a single PVC sheet. The final appearance is very similar to a real wooden door or a lacquered one and is possible with this technique also realize complex doors, for example with inserts or handles.It is slightly more expensive than the laminate. The main difference between the polymer is often in mechanical characteristics. The polymer is part of ennobled laminates, that means elements covered by a further layer that increases its resistance to liquids, shocks and scratches, even if the gloss version is quite delicate, that is easily scratched, more than a good lacquered. The surface resistance of the polymer is lower than the laminate, in particular to scratching and abrasion, in fact, the polymer is not used on tops but only for doors where it is a cheaper alternative to lacquered. The polymer has an appearance similar to the lacquered, at least from the front, is cheaper, tender as much as a painting. The door's back sideis coated with a melamine paper and for this reason is always white. On a quality level is shocks and abrasion resistant, and generally waterproof; possibility to chose among a wide colour range and wood effect finishing and relatively low price.




To Do

The cleaning can be performed with a microfibre cloth or a soft cloth and a common liquid detergent.

Not To Do

It is recommended to avoid using abrasive creams and sponges, steel wool pads or liquid products containing acetone.




Technical Informations


Support Description


Mdf, that's means Medium density fibreboard, It's an interesting material from the production method view, because don't need to cut trees to produce it. Its production materials come from branches and production scraps, that are crushed, selected and checked to eliminate big pieces or wrong elements. Through the crushing the wood's fibre become a “wood paste” and after its been mixed with thermosetting resin and placed under pressure it get good mechanical characteristics, excellent solidity, and compactness along edges that's essential to make lacquered or ennobled panels. All used panels are E1 class , which means that the resins used do not cause any health problems because the emissions of formaldehyde is very low.



Coating Description


The laminate is usually a coating applied on a support material. That coating (usually called “formica” in the past) consist in placed panels under pressure that has been soaked of melaminic resin. It's waterproof and steamproof and for that reason is used in all humidity environment. The natural temperature changing doesn't effort the layers properties.