The material's choice is made taking into account various parameters; not only aesthetic, but also structural and functional. In this way you obtain a surface able to maintain its initial characteristics as long as possible. Each material has specific characteristics and its use can vary depending on what is required, so it doesn't mean that a more expensive material is better than a cheaper one, but you just have to understand what function is required. You must carefully check the technical specification before your purchase.


The doors are one of the most difficult items to choose from, because the offer on the market is very wide and you have to decide based on the information on the advantages and disadvantages of the different materials used. Select the doors according to your taste, but taking into account the pros and cons of the different materials. To be sure of what you're buying, look up the "Technical Information" in every material's page.





List of available materials



Wood is the best material in the furniture field. The furniture’s structures (and often their appearance ), has always been made with it, because this material is, resistant, strength and flexible.



The lacquered is a glossy or matte finish, available in different colours, thanks to its clear and modern style, it makes your environment really cool. 



The minimal look and texture are perfect and extremely refined for modern and sophisticated environments.



The decorative is a good quality-price material, used a lot in furnishing because is possible to find a lot of different finishes. Able to imitate wood surfaces allows you to recreate this material with a smaller expense.



Laminate is one of the most used materials for the home furnishings. It’s cheap and able to imitate aesthetically all kind of surfaces, so it is suitable for purchases not too exorbitant, without doing on a whims.



The polymeric coating is an evolution of the laminate. Compared to the last one is still handy to use and maintenance, resistant to scratches and shocks and easy to clean.



Doors made of aluminium profiles for the outside frame, inside you can put any type of glass or panels (gres, lacquered, laminate).



Ceramic worktops born from a new concept of a surface with the versatility that adds new value to the design world.



The ennobled is a chipboard panel covered on one side, or on both sides, with melamine paper, a synthetic material made from thin sheets of paper (thickness is one tenth of mm) impregnated with melamine resin.




Precious materials and clear lines to make unique furniture. Designed to dictate a new style, designed to create new suggestions.



Thanks to material's technical features the quartz tops are one of the most common surfaces in kitchen and bathroom.



The sublimated, is a variant of the lacquered. It has the same characteristics of brightness and it's available in any decor because they are made according to customer needs.





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