Laminate, despite the general beliefs, today is one of the most used materials for the home furnishings. It’s cheap and able to imitate aesthetically all kind of surfaces, so it is suitable for purchases not too exorbitant, without doing on a whims. It’s a very complex material made by impregnate the wood with diversified types of resins. They are made of very resistant thin sheets that are pasted on panels. These sheets have a very large chose of finishing with painting that remember the wood veining or stone effect and are really scratch resistant and easily washable. The only characteristics not so convenient is its heat resistance: a really high heat can modify the quality of laminate, example a overheat pot can leave holes on laminate tops. However the laminate offers an extensive list of benefit as the scratch and bump resistance, stains resistance, easy to clean and in particular a really good quality-price ratio.



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To Do


To clean the laminate doors, is enough to use a soft cloth squeezed out with glass clean products.


Not To Do


Do not use abrasive products, abrasive powders, acid products or pure bleach, because it could ruin the finish . Don't use products containing wax or silicone because their application could form halos.





Technical Informations



Support Description


Chipboard is the term that represent the panels composed of chips that come from production scraps, roots and branches. The small shavings (called chips) are mixed with glued materials and pressed together to creates panels. It's eco friendly material and cheaper because production scraps and less precious wood are used to make it. All used panels are E1 class , which means that the resins used do not cause any health problems because the emissions of formaldehyde is very low.



Coating Description


The laminate is usually a coating applied on a support material. That coating (usually called “formica” in the past) consist in placed panels under pressure that has been soaked of melaminic resin. It's waterproof and steamproof and for that reason is used in all humidity environment. The natural temperature changing doesn't effort the layers properties.