Ceramic worktops born from a new concept of a surface with the versatility that adds new value to the design world. This surface is achieved thanks to a modern production process, the result of a research that tends to new design solutions and extends the surfaces usability. This material, supported by a technical panel, creates a countertop with high technical guarantees and a wide range of colours and finishes. But the applications of these slabs are not limited to the countertop (kitchen or bathroom) as it is possible to make doors, counters, cabinets, plinths, tables, floors, walls, ecc... It is a product with high resistance to mechanical stress, chemical attacks, scratching, deep abrasion and bending. The advanced technology adopted to produce the slabs makes them easy to clean and sanitise and resistant to frost, fire, mould and UV rays without altering colour, specifications and properties. Thanks to the productive process and the high quality raw material and the high cooked temperature 1300 °C, the worktops gets heat resistance, stain and scratch resistance and perfectly waterproof. For that reason cleaning operation of the surface will be easy and efficient




To Do

In general, to clean the product just need to use warm water and neutral detergents. This can be done using a squeezed out cloth with water and a detergent, then rinse and dry. The detergents used will be diluted on the specs on the specific product. Made a first cleaning after the installation to remove possible traces or residues of adhesives and silicone might be used during assembly.

Not To Do

You have to avoid cleaning gres with abrasive and aggressive products , like acid detergents.



Informazioni Tecniche


Support Description

Gres is welded by using special resins on a special lightweight sandwich panel in waterproof chipboard, structurally reinforced with a fiberglass mat interposed between the gres slab and the panel itself.




Coating Description


Stoneware is a hard and compact ceramic material that is colored and non-porous. The ceramic body is obtained starting from a mixture of clay, sand and other natural substances that being fired at high temperature (1300 °C). the material now has excellent mechanic characteristics, like a good bump and scratch resistance and it's perfectly waterproof.