Thanks to material's technical features the quartz tops are one of the most common surfaces in kitchen and bathroom. The slabs we use are made up for 95% of natural quartz and 5% of resins and oxide pigments, to which are added dyes. Thanks to this composition, the final product is versatile, scratch and chemical agents resistant, is non-porous, waterproof, stains-resistant, easy to clean and is highly hygienic. MyD3sign can count on a wide choice of colors with different thicknesses from where you can get, thanks to the inner workings, different types of frontal edges. Are also available, in addition to the glossy finish and only for some colours, even matte and old-looking finishings. In case of use of 12 mm slabs, tops are supported with a lightweight panel (100% recyclable) longitudinally reinforced by quartz bars drowned in the same panel. This support ensures countertop lightness and at the same time allows you to "build" a wide range of frontal edges and thicknesses. The 20/30 mm slabs are used to produce top "full-body" worktops, or rather countertops made only with the slab (no panel). In this case it is possible to realize also shaped elements. In addition to the production of countertops we are also able to offer you all the optional elements: backsplashes, back panels, base-end sides, supports... The Quartz offers an extensive list of excellent advantages as the abrasions resistance, chemical agents resistance, heat and excellent water resistance. Because it's waterproof it's perfectly hygienic.




To Do

For cleaning is better to use a microfibre cloths because hold dirt without redistribute it on the surface. It is often suggested to wash them in the washing machine or replace if necessary.

Not To Do

Never use scouring pads or rough sponges. Apply chemicals detergent on the sponge with a circular action and not directly on the fsurface. We should dedicate a cloth and a sponge just fir the top of the kitchen.




Technical Informations


Support Description


When using 12 mm plates the plans are supported with a lightweight Panel (100% recyclable) braced longitudinally by quartz bars drowned in the panel itself. This support ensures greater lightness of the plan and at the same time allows to "build" a wide range of profiles and thicknesses.



Coating Description


The quartz top are the most used surfaces for kitchens and bathrooms. The used tops are made for 95% with natural quartz and 5% with resins and oxide colourant pigments. Because this mixed composition, the final product is versatile, scratch and chemical agents resistant, waterproof and extremely hygienic.