How to correctly take photos



Provided that My3Ddream srls. works only with Italian high quality maker and keep the production chain and the material quality constantly under control, could unfortunately happens that sometimes a product could have some little imperfection or factory defect or some issue due to a wrong shipping. To facilitate the identification of responsibility and immediately dispose a replacement or a repair of a lacked part, here you can find a line guide to be followed to produce material to send us. Below how takes correct pictures in the rare cases of anomalies or defects. The photos shown on this page represent limit situations with the only purpose to explain the better way to takes requested pictures. The proposed situations are rare because MyD3sign sell only products that has been checked to a very high quality controls. If photos are taken correctly the replacing or repair procedure of the lacked part will happen quickly. The customer must follow these simply but essential rules.


Lacked part pictures


Takes 3 pictures with different distant for each anomaly. The first one need to be taken from a high distance to identify the part compared with the all furniture, the second shot from a medium distance to identify which element is damaged and the last one need to focused only on the lacked part. The missing of only one of them means to not go further with the replacement or repair process.




All photos must be clear and focused, in particular the third one of the detail photo. This is a fundamental point to proceed further with the replacement or repair process.




         Focused photo                                                                   Not focused photo





Packages photos.


How we're already highlighted on Procedure for the Reception and Verification of the products is fundamental before open a damaged package, to take pictures of it (also if you signed conditionally). Take some different pictures of the package and also while you are opening the box with the good still packaged. If the box has more than one damaged, take a clear picture of all of them.