Doors made of aluminium profiles for the outside frame, inside you can put any type of glass or panels (gres, lacquered, laminate). The doors are made to fit any type of furniture: kitchens, bathrooms, cupboards etc. They offer a modern design and extremely customizable. Aluminium is a modern material, bright, versatile that allow it to be used in many combinations by adding a touch of elegance to the furniture. The aluminium frame can have different profiles from simplest to the most complex and inside is it possible to use other material like glass, gres and laminate The use of glass doors achieves two objectives: aesthetic and functional. In fact, give a touch of style and elegance to your kitchen, make it very bright thanks to the transparency and glossiness. The glass doors allow you to combine different colours because they are products with great versatility. They can be introduced in any environment, from traditional to modern. They are immune to mould and insect attack. Are quality products that increase the value of the house you live.




To Do

When cleaning aluminium components use water and neutral detergents.

Not To Do

Do not use abrasives powders, steel wool or scouring pads because they will scratch the surfaces. Do not clean the aluminium profiles with bleach or products containing bleach because it could ruin with stains the element.




Technical Informations



Support Description


It's a ductile and silver coloured material, that's been extracted from bauxite minerals. Is known everywhere because it's extremely soft, light and oxidation resistance, thanks to a thin protective layers of oxide that stop the metal corrosion from oxygen. It's very light if has been compared with other metal, but extremely resistance.



Coating Description


- Stoneware is a hard and compact ceramic material that is colored and non-porous. The ceramic body is obtained starting from a mixture of clay, sand and other natural substances that being fired at high temperature (1300 °C). the material now has excellent mechanic characteristics, like a good bump and scratch resistance and it's perfectly waterproof.

-The laminate is usually a coating applied on a support material. That coating (usually called “formica” in the past) consist in placed panels under pressure that has been soaked of melaminic resin. It's waterproof and steamproof and for that reason is used in all humidity environment. The natural temperature changing doesn't effort the layers properties.

-The glass is a solid material, strong, fragile, transparent and really shining, waterproof, chemical agents resistant (hydrofluoric acid, sodium hydrate and high concentrate potassium), low electricity and heat conductibility. It's made through a fusion of special sand, at very high temperature, and it's used as insulated material or decor objects. It's available in different kind of finishing and colour (lacquered, sandblasted, mirrored...) and is also possible to increase its technical characteristics through chemical or physical treatment, as tempering, that increased the resistance and solve the fragility problem.