Precious materials and clear lines to make unique furniture. Designed to dictate a new style, designed to create new suggestions. Material used in professional environment and from now spread in every domestic place. Simple and elegant. Linear shapes, flat surfaces, right angles to enhance this material. The steel is often used for its technical characteristics of resistance and hygiene and for the feeling of professionalism that transmits. Also thanks to the introduction of steel anti-fingerprint has been possible to solve the only fault I could have these structures , namely to retain fingerprints proof.




To Do

To clean steel elements, use water, neutral detergents or alcohol products.

Not To Do

Do not use abrasives powders, steel wool or scouring pads because they will scratch the surfaces.



Technical Informations


Support Description


Melaminic papers are composed by a lot of thin papers soaked of melaminic resin. This particular resin are odourless, waterproof, scratch resistant, heat and chemical agents resistant and are the same used to make formica and plastic laminate.


Coating Description


The steel is an alloy of iron and carbon and possibly other elements, and their percentages will vary technical features . It can be undergone various treatments, to create different effects as hammering or brushing.